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Sen. Jerry Hill

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  • California State Senator Jerry Hill, 13th District

  • California State Assemblymember Marc Berman, 24th District

  • California State Assemblymember Kevin Mullin, 22nd District

  • San Mateo County Supervisor Don Horsley, 3rd District

  • San Mateo County Board of Education Trustee Susan Alvaro, Area 1

  • San Mateo County Superintendent of Schools Nancy Magee

  • Half Moon Bay City Councilmember Deborah Ruddock

Corrine Bucher

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Rachel Sage

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  • Mike Alifano, Mavericks Foundation Board Member and Alifano Technologies Co-Owner

  • Katie Aschero, Coastsiders for Better Education Funding Founding Board Member and Cabrillo Education Foundation Board Member

  • Enrique Bazan, Ayudando Latinos a Sonar (ALAS) Board Member and University of San Francisco Associate Director of International Initiatives

  • Amy Broome, Half Moon Bay High School PTO President

  • Corrine Bucher, Cabrillo Education Foundation Executive Director

  • Kerri Costa, CUSD Spanish Immersion Parent Association Board Member and Hatch PTO Vice President

  • Darleen DeRosa, Former Coastside Children’s Programs Executive Board Member

  • Mathew Haugen, Cabrillo Education Foundation Board President and Element Real Estate Owner

  • Dr. Belinda Hernandez-Arriaga, Ayudando Latinos a Sonar (ALAS) Founder and Executive Director and University of San Francisco Assistant Professor

  • Nicole Hansen Smithson, Kings Mountain Associated Parents Board Member

  • Kelly Hoffman-Davis, Mavericks Foundation President, Former Friends of Farallone View PTO President, and The GraphicWorks Owner & Designer

  • Kendra Holland, Hatch Elementary PTO President

  • Stephanie Izzarelli, Cabrillo Education Foundation Board Vice President

  • Leigh Ann Koelsch, CUSD Spanish Immersion Parent Association President

  • Breanna LaFontaine, Coastsiders for Better Education Funding Founding Board Member and El Granada Elementary School PTO President

  • Christine Mendonca, Cabrillo Education Foundation Director Emeritus, Former President Mavericks Community Foundation, and Half Moon Bay Brewery Co-Owner

  • Lenny Mendonca, Former State of CA Chief Economic and Business Advisor, McKinsey & Company Senior Partner Emeritus, Stanford Business School Lecturer on Inequality, and Half Moon Bay Brewery Co-Owner

  • Virginia Perry, Perry-D'Amico & Associates President

  • Pati Ramirez, Ayudando Latinos a Sonar (ALAS) Board Member

  • Rachel Sage, Cabrillo USD Teacher

  • Liz Schuck, Retired Cabrillo USD Associate Superintendent

  • Amber Stariha, Coastsiders For Better Education Funding Founding Board Member

  • Susan Vana, Cabrillo USD District Nurse

  • Jeanne Vargas, CoastPride Founder/President​

  • Megan Wilson, Friends of Farallone View PTO Co-President

  • Lisa Zanette, Cunha Intermediate School PTO VP and Acting President

Mari Holcomb

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  • Julian Basler & Vanessa Love, Coastside Parents

  • Lynette & Paul Curthoys, Cabrillo USD Parents

  • TJ Glauthier, Citizens Committee for School Solar Energy Member

  • Ronda Hansen, Cabrillo USD Parent

  • Mari & Tom Holcomb, Cabrillo USD Parents

  • Jennifer Lockhart, Cabrillo USD Parent

  • Gretel Merrill, Coastside Parent

  • Monique Nicoll, Cabrillo USD Parent and Genentech, Inc., Life Cycle Leader

  • Brigid O'Farrell, Author and Democratic Activist

  • Stacy Owens, S.E. Owens & Company Principal

  • Jodi Paik, Cabrillo USD Parent

  • Lorina Palavos, Cabrillo USD Parent

Note:  Individual affiliations included for identification purposes only. Endorsement is not representative of the organization.

Last updated:  October 30, 2020

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