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The pandemic and associated economic recession have acutely exacerbated the chronic difficulties faced by California’s public schools.  However, it’s within these harsh realities and with our Coastside community’s many unique strengths that we must unite in partnership to chart an effective, sustainable path forward for our entire school community and greater good -- it would be an honor to continue serving our community in this important leadership role.

I’m proud of significant progress in growing a collaborative, student-focused network of educators, community partners, and families, more inclusive of our Latinx community; in laying the foundation for sustainability both in terms of fiscal solvency and social-emotional well-being of our school community members; and in clearly defining equity/justice and continuous improvement as key goals.

Yet much work remains to be done.  I’m fully prepared and committed to continue working hard on evidence-based policy decisions which, though incredibly difficult at times, will help us accelerate progress for all our students, particularly those historically underserved, to develop the skills needed in a rapidly evolving world.

While school board elections have transitioned to a trustee area-based format and I'm thus running for election in my residential area, Trustee Area D, I remain committed to serving the full population of Cabrillo Unified students and families in our community, as per Board resolution reaffirming member responsibilities across the district.


Last updated:  September 23, 2020

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